Our sponsors and partners work closely with us to build their brands and enhance their reputations, connect with regional and international business and academic communities, build customer relationships and motivate their employees.

Creating experiences with impact

Our team will work with you to identify opportunities and create personalised partnerships – whether that’s activities to attract graduates who can solve problems, innovate and see opportunities; or events and activities that put your brand at the centre of the business community.

Our partners are given a unique opportunity to reach and influence many groups of people...

The University of London has over 40,000 students, who are often making decisions about the brands they will engage with for the rest of their lives. We are the most targeted University by graduate employers; by partnering with us you’ll elevate your brand above the noise of traditional routes to graduates. You’ll also be demonstrating your commitment to our students and enhancing their experience while they study.

We are at the heart of the London business community; engaging regularly with UK businesses through collaborative research and high profile events, plus our leadership development programmes.

We select our partnerships with care and offer category exclusivity, which means you’ll never share a platform with a company in the same sector. This approach enables our partners to collaborate not only with us - but with each other.

Connect with us

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